Helping you fit healthy into your life!

How I Can Help You

Megan Winders Health & Wellness provides small, effective daily habits to help you achieve your goals without giving up your lifestyle and everything you love.
Fitting healthy into YOUR lifestyle. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too.
I am a Nutritionist & Health Coach, and have an Independent Consultancy with the beautiful Arbonne brand, a company that produces divine plant based, health, wellness and beauty products, with the philosophy of pure, safe and beneficial, to people, products and our planet.

Make Up

Our makeup is about bringing out the confidence and radiance within, by enhancing your best traits.

Skin Care

Botanically inspired skincare collections clinically tested to reduce the signs of ageing.


Plant-powered nutritional products that provide all the nutrients you need with high-quality formulas.


Helping you do healthy your way…We believe in it, We live by it, and continuously improve and re-evaluate our programs and ingredients.

Hi, I’m Megan Winders

Over the past 6 years, I have researched and studied and devoured, everything to do with healing, nutrious foods, to heal myself and my family!

I embrace, and live feeling worthy of having everything I desire, especially a healthy, happy way, I love eating and cooking delicious, divine foods, and drinking fine wine, it makes me so happy.

I apply small, simple, healthy habits that have a big impact on our health, making it so easy to fit healthy into life! Nothing beats feeling and looking your best and being healthy inside and out, without sacrificing everything we love.

I am happiest being at home with my big, loud, beautiful family. You will find me in my garden at home, with my girls (my chickens) and making the most of each precious day.

Helping others achieve their goals, fitting healthy into their lives, makes my day, and brings me so much joy!

Get to know me

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Why work with Megan

We all want to feel beautiful, confident, healthy, vibrant, sexy, to look and feel our best, to have a strong, beautiful body.

We also don’t want to sacrifice, and give up all our favourite things that we love and enjoy. In fact trying to get healthy without them, is not sustainable or enjoyable.

Sometimes the thought of getting healthy seems so insurmountable we do nothing, because it has to be all or nothing, right? Thats a no from me.

I understand and relate completely to all this. The desire to lose unwanted, unhealthy weight, gain energy, and simply feel good, feel like our true selves again. Feel healthy and confident with self worth, love and purpose.

I would love to help make it easy to fit healthy into YOUR life, with small, effective daily changes and habits, to achieve your goals without giving everything up.

Our life is not a race, it’s an epic journey to being the best version of ourselves, mind, body, spirit, health and wealth.

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Gift Hamper – The Lady Di



  • Freixenet prosecco 750ml x 1
  • Stemless champagne glasses x 2
  • LeTribute Gin 50ml x 1
  • Jar of dried citrus x 1
  • Luxe vanilla candle x 1
  • Wooden coaster x 1
  • Lindt chocolate balls x 6g

Note: Items, products, and flavours may vary due to stock availability

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