Why I Wrote KISS Cookbook Happy Healthy Living

Why did I write our KISS Cookbook for Happy & Healthy Living? Here is why….

I know that most of us lead busy lives, with work, family, kids, relationships and everything in between.

I know that I personally love to keep things as simple as possible, to create the time and freedom to do all the things I love.

We all want to enjoy simple pleasures and simple food that is easy to prepare, that is nutritious and tastes delicious.

There is so much information out there today, regarding food, health, wellness and nutrition, which is fabulous, however it can be overwhelming.

You only need to take on things that resonate with you, and work for you, things that make you feel good.

That is a huge reason why I wrote this book. To create simple, easy to prepare meals, and simple health and wellness advice, that you can incorporate into your life.

Simple ingredients and real foods taste great, and make you feel fabulous. You don’t have to create complicated meals that take hours to prepare, that have costly ingredients to be healthy.

You also do not have to be on restrictive or fad diets that steal your joy.

I hope you feel empowered by the recipes, love, wellness and feel good wholesomeness of this book. It’s all about YOU beautiful! x