Make Time For Health – Invest in YOU!

If you don’t make time for your health, you will have to make time for an illness. Ever heard that saying? Did you not really want to hear it, or didn’t want to pay it too much attention because it’s probably true? It’s a bit confronting and all too hard to do anything about it?

Yea, I get it. But the truth of the matter is that this is a fairly accurate statement. However it doesn’t have to be all one way or the other. There is this gorgeous little word called balance. Trust me you have the time, you have the funds to maintain your health, if you choose to do so.

We certainly seem to be able to find time to do other not so fab things for our health, and we also seem to find the funds for them, whether is a Friday afternoon at the pub having way too many beers and or wines, and then not moving our body, sitting around all the next day, because we feel bad, then we eat food we know is crappy, and so on. And that is ok at times right. We live in this modern world, we work hard, and we want to have fun, let loose. 

But if we ignore and don’t also pay any attention to our health, and take some time to take care of our body, then shit is gonna happen and you are gonna have to find the time to be sick at some point. 

Why don’t we give our hard working body, that is always, always in a constant state of trying to heal us, a helping hand. We flog our body in so many ways, with alcohol, drugs, lack of movement, processed foods it doesn’t recognise and so on, and then show no love and nurturing. But, we expect it to keep going, keep working, keep us healthy. Hmmmm…..

What would happen if you didn’t put fuel in your car, didn’t give it oil, didn’t go for a regular service, but you continually flog it day after day, after day. It’s gonna break down. Please don’t let this happen to your body, you are not going to get another one, this is it baby!

What about a little balance, what about investing small amounts of time and money into preserving your health, preventing illness and disease rather than having to fight it when it turns up in our life. Nourishing your body, loving your body, respecting your body.

How many people do you know that have gotten sick, an illness or disease, then spend so much time and money fighting like hell to get  their health back? They don’t want to be sick, all they want now is their health, and they will fight, really fight, sometimes an extremely painful lengthy battle, just to get back what they had in the first place. It’s crazy, it is actual insanity to work in this way. It makes no sense right?

I am certainly not here to tell you what to do, or give up everything you love to do, not at all!

What if we simply applied some daily healthy habits that easily fit into your day. Don’t believe it is possible, well here is just one example of just how simple and time effective they can be, and I have many many more to share with you….

You already brush your teeth right, add flossing, mouth hygiene affects everything from your brain to higher risk of cancer, risk of cardiovascular disease, gingervitis, diabetes, dementia, and this list goes on…

It takes an additional 1 minute to add this super simple habit. 

And whilst brushing your teeth, practice balancing on one leg, place your foot onto your inner thigh and balance for one minute, then swap legs, why is this important, as we as we age we start to lose and balance and falls really start to make shit hit the fan.

As a Nutritionist, I realise that good food costs more, is that fair, no, but the benefits of consuming healthy foods have a massive effect on your health in a great way, opposed to shitty fast, processed foods, if you can call them that. I also realise that a lot of our foods are grown with pesticides etc and the whole food industry is all about profit, quicker, faster, cheaper, doesn’t sound to great for our health huh. This is such a big topic all on it’s own. I can help further if you would like more info on the best foods to buy etc.

So my loves, another fabulous hack for good health, is supplementing, may be necessary. It’s also time effective and covers all your bases. I have an excellent Healthy Habits Support Set that ensures you are getting quality vitamins & minerals, all your greens & nutrients, pre and probiotics essential

for gut health, and essential daily fibre. And it takes just two minutes every morning and you have set yourself up. Is it worth the investment, yes!

Maybe the first port of call is to answer the following?

Do I want to live a fulfilled long life? Do I want to live out my days feeling great or sick? What would I miss out on if I got sick? Is it worth the time and effort now to stay well? What would I do if I got sick? How do I want to feel and look as I age? Is it worth implementing some healthy habits into my life? Am I willing to invest in my health? Yes, they are a little confronting, but worth considering.

I have so much goodness I can share with you. If you have questions or if I can help you with your health and wellness, please reach out.

Stay well, hydrated, healthy and happy, and ever grateful.

Megs x