The Afternoon Energy Slump

If you find you regularly fall into the 3pm or arvo energy slump, some possible reasons could be:

You haven’t had enough sunshine / vitamin D

You could be dehydrated 

You slept poorly the night before

Haven’t moved enough today

You feel stressed

Poor eating habits

You haven’t eaten adequate amounts of protein & healthy fats in your meals

Some simple possible solutions: 

Take 5 minutes to get in the sunshine, bare feel in the grass, moving a little

If your sleep is poor, think about an evening routine to induce sleep ( I can help)

If a serious sleep disorder please get professional help, sleep is so crucial to your entire wellbeing

Drink 1-2 litres of water per day

Eat a healthy protein/ fat snack

Break up your work day if you sit at a desk with 2-5 minutes of moving – dance, shake


Take an Energy Fizz Ginseng Fizz sticks – these little babies are life, when the arvo slumps shump around!

They provide: a natural boost, pick me up, they are designed to increase energy levels, temporarily reduce fatigue, promote alertness & enhance cognitive performance 

They contain: Ginseng root, Guarana, green tea – provides natural energy, Coenzyme Q10 – an antioxidant that helps fight free radicals, Chromium – healthy support healthy blood sugar + B vitamins – winning!

They come in multiple flavours and are delish.

I have about 10 little sample packs if anyone is keen to try, I also have an ifo sheet with more if you want more facts.

If you would like to order head over to: to order your box or boxes of 30! And choose a flavour that you like best.

If you nedd any further information, or require ay help, please let me know.

Megs x

The Naughty Nutritionist