We get one big, crazy, beautiful life, let’s live it authentically and unapologetically us!

Life is for living in abundance, being healthy, wealthy, well, happy and full of joy! That’s my philosophy, I love helping people create healthy lives their way!

My purpose is to create an abundantly healthy and wealthy life, creating freedom to live life my way, and taking as many people with me on this glorious ride.

I am ridiculously passionate about health, nutrition, real food, cooking, nourishing meals, clean, safe and pure products. Living well, growing my own luscious garden of herbs and veggies. I love it all! I love to be healthy and look my very best, because absolutely nothing beats feeling fabulous, inside and out.

However, as much as I love all those things, and I most certainly do, I also really, really love my morning coffee and my afternoon wine (s)! And I don’t want to change that at all.

I believe wellness incorporates all the things that we truly love and enjoy and makes us feel good. If wine, coffee, chocolate and or cake are your thing, trying to get to your healthiest best you authentically and with longevity, may not happen without them, we can actually have our cake and eat it too, deprivation is not helpful.

Yes, we absolutely need to take care of our beautiful body, it’s the only one we are ever going to get, so we need to love and nurture her inside and out!

Building wellness is about growing every aspect of you, your mind, body, health and wealth, and embracing all that you are, love and want to be.

Stay well and ever grateful.

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Jake’s Story

This is why I started my journey to Health & Wellness.


Several years ago I started researching health & nutrition as my middle son Jake, 8 at the time, was quite unwell regularly, wasn’t thriving, he struggled to eat, sleep, and consistently woke up tired and had little to no energy most days, no matter how early he went to bed. He generally just never felt well. It was so heart breaking and so difficult to watch him struggle everyday. And no one could tell me why,and what was wrong, let alone how we could help him.

I researched and read everything I could to try and heal and nourish him as best I could, with nourishing foods and quality supplements.

We found an amazing naturopath and discovered he had a disorder that stopped his body absorbing B vitamins and zinc, hence all the symptoms he had were a direct result of the severe defiency, I am so happy and so thankful to say we were able to rebuild his health entirely with healing foods and the right supplements for him. Jake is now a happy, energetic, thriving 13 year old!

I was researching so much I figured I may as well study and became a complete nutrition nerd. I opened a health and wellness store, that I absolutely loved, I was in heaven! I sourced the best, pure, beautiful, botanical, plant based foods and supplements, books, programs and products I could find, I was surrounded by everything I loved and knew benefited others. Now with four very busy kids, a very busy business and a husband that works away a lot, I’ve taken my business online and continue to do what I love, and loving the freedom it allows me.

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Building wellness is about growing every aspect of you, your mind, body, health and wealth, and embracing all that you are, love and want to be.