My Solo Health Retreat – Day 3

Today is day number 3 of my solo health retreat, focusing on creating some better habits and get myself feeling good!

I decided on 21 days as they say it takes 21 days to kick a bad habit and the same amount of time to set a new one. And as I had been thinking for quite some time to do this anyway, why not make 21 days!

So here I am on day 3. But I’ll start from the beginning.

Day 1, was set up day, and I arrived at my new home away from home around 2pm. I set up my new digs, which is my gorgeous caravan, Rosie, yes she has a name and I love her. I packed the fridge with mostly veggies, salad, and some fruit, supplements and eggs, tofu and fish for the protein side. I have a cupboard full of herbal teas and herbs and spices. I also bought living herbs and salads in pots so they last longer, I also packed my vitamix for smoothies and juices. I packed mostly walking gear, hats, and bathers and towels and toiletries, I wanted to keep it super simple. I also of course packed my work and things to complete some projects I’m working on.

I have my nutrtional plan stuck to my fridge and a list of all the reasons why I am doing this, and why my health is so important and my goals. It’s been great to refer to each day, and a daily reminder that my health matters.

Day 2, I incorporated a daily walk, some yoga and a few laps in the pool. And the start of early nights. Sleep is a vital part of my plan, as it’s when we sleep that our body has a chance to rest, recover and repair, it’s lights out at 8.30pm. Make getting up for my walk at 5.30-6am much easier! I’m drinking a minimum of 2-3 litres of water, either with herbal teas and fruits, and herbs. It’s quite warm so my favourite combo is peppermint tea chilled with slices of cucumber, ginger, lime and a sprig of mint. So refreshing, with a ton of health benefits and I’m easily downing 2 x 1 litres bottles of that each day.

On rising I have a warm water with slices of lemon and ginger and I take my probiotics, then I’m off for my walk. I’m having a green juice for breaky, with spinach, kale, lemon, cucumber, mint, parsley, ginger & turmeric root, celery and apple.

Lunch is a huge bowl of mixed salad greens and herbs, carrot, spainish onion, capsicum, celery, cucumber, a little lactose feta, a tin of tuna, a boiled egg, with a apple cider vinegar and or lemon juice and salt and pepper.

Dinner has been a huge bowl of mixed veggies, steamed in a little water with tofu or fish.

AND not a wine in sight! AND I haven’t thought out it, or wanted one! I am curious because at home, I was struggling to go a day or two without wine, and yet here I am nailing my nutrition plan, exercise, work focused, and basically on my game. So is it that I have no temptation, or distractions that help me be focused? Or is it that, I am so grateful to my family allowing me this time to do the health retreat for myself, or maybe it’s a combination? Maybe I just needed space to breathe and focus on just me, not everyone else? Either way I am thankful.

How am I feeling so far? Well as mentioned very focused and determined, I also feel a little lost at times, at home there is always something that needs doing. I was a little hungry yesterday, but quite easily distracted myself with work. I feel a little nervous about how I’ll go when I get home, sticking to my plan. I am loving the time alone, I am really thankful and grateful to be able to this.

Results yet? Well, I am already a little less bloated, I am peeing like a trouper, so that means some built up toxin are hopefully leaving the building. And I am most definately waking with a clearer more focused mind.

Bonuses, I’m actually getting time to read my book from my bookclub this month. I am getting a second walk in the afternoon, I am only cooking for one not 6, holy, how simple is it! And just having time to myself, to just be, breathe, work on my goals, priorities, what I value, getting some clarity how I want to move forward in life. This time is precious.

So that’s where I’m at so far! I will post another blog in the next day or two to keep you posted.

Love Megs x