Body Love, Self Love

Body love –   Self love – this is vital for your whole body wellness.

I get it, this is a big one, when society is screaming conflicting messages, of how we should be, look and act.

Especially to us women. Don’t listen. Please ignore the noise, that’s all it is.

From experience, I can tell you, you cannot punish or hate your self/ body thinner, healthier or into happiness . 

It has to be all love. It all has to come from self love!

Your beautiful body has carried you every single day of your life, no matter what you do, no matter what you say to yourself, your heart keeps beating, your food keeps getting digested, and nutrients absorbed, your liver keeps cleaning up the junk, your blood keeps pumping, your skin keeps protecting you, your immune system keeps fighting to keeps fighting the bad guys to keep illness and disease at bay….your body keeps repairing, rejuvenating, working and healing without you having to do, think or say anything, it just happens. You don’t have to ask or check in, your body just goes to work 24/7 to heal you.

If someone was working this hard for you, you would unconditionally love the legend! This is your body! She is the only one you’re gonna get.  Your body is a freaking beautiful, genius and you should LOVE on her, hard! 

If there was one message I could instill in my children that they felt to their core, it would be this. Speak only love and kindness to yourself, give only love and kindness to your beautiful body, because you matter…

To really bring this into your mind, ask yourself, how would I want my daughter/ son / love one, to feel about themselves? How would I want them to speak to themselves……..

Right! Please gift yourself this…Now. Today. Always. 

You are worthy, you are more than enough, you deserve it, you are so important, you matter so much! The world needs you and your love and light.

How can you start to do this, speak kindly, change your words, interrupt negative self talk and replace it. Thank you body every single day, thank you for being a freaking legend and healing me…..

Healthy thoughts and self talk matter just as much as healthy food if not more…

Sending so much love and body love good vibes to you.

Stay well and ever gratful!

Love Megs x