Trusting Your Intuition & Your Gut

Lesson number 1: Always trust your gut and intuition, you know!

  • You truly are your best doctor, trust me, you know. Your intuition & gut instinst can be powerful to your wellness. Like any other muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets.
  • We are meant to feel good, our body is meant to feel good, our body knows how to heal us. In fact it is a constant state of healing us, day and night, we interfere…with things like the food we eat and drink, the negative thoughts and self talk…..
  • When our body sends us messages, we need to listen to these signs and symptoms, they are messages from your body, listen and act accordingly.
  • When you feel something is not right, focus on where it’s coming from….do not ignore these messages, or they will get louder until you do.
  • If you push through, your body will create something to make you stop.
  • Here’s an example of how you can focus on a message from your body: 
  • Let’s say every time you eat it, it tends to cause bloating and discomfort, pain, diarrea, ming fog and so on. You need to look at what your eating, and what may be causing the problem. Are you sensitive to dairy and or gluten? How are you eating? Are you being mindful, enjoying your food? Or are you often eating on the run, eating fast and not chewing properly?
  • Quite often we want to just bandaid the problem and take a pill and forget about it…until next time. The solution could be as simle and slowing down your eating, chewly properly, and avoiding certain foods.
  • Of course it could be an issue you need to address with a medical professional. In which case you should and resolve the issue. Not ignore. This goes for discomfort or issue, this was just to give you an example.
  • If allowed to continue, and you don’t address the signs and symptoms your body gives you, it could go on to become a bigger more long term problem. Or a chronic problem, and we don’t want that.
  • So, lesson number 1….listen to your intuition and gut feeling or instinct, she is right!
  • Stay well and ever grateful beautiful!
  • Love Megs x