My Solo Health Retreat – Part 1

It never used to be a problem for me to, ‘get in the zone’. Once I decided, it was game on, whether it was to do a health reset, detox, diet change or any health plan that I thought I needed to do. Now I am lucky to stay with it for more than two days, and its baffling me as to why. I clearly know what I need to do, so why can’t I stay on track?

All day I would eat food from the nutrition plan I designed, I would be saying to myself all day, do not have a glass of wine tonight. All day I feel strong and confident that this time I will stick to my plan. Then my husband would come home open a beer and ask, ‘glass of wine honey’. ‘Oh yes please darling’ I instantly respond. And very quickly one would become two and two become three….Then the next day I would be back to not eating the way I like to. ‘What, aren’t you a nutritionist’ I hear you say. And yes, I am. But I’m also human and I LOVE food, I love delicious, nutrient dense, whole foods A LOT. However I also really LOVE wine. Hey I do admit I am The Naughty Nutritionist. I just need to be a little less naughty.

Also over the years I have wanted to go to one of those gorgeous health retreats, just me, chilling, getting my health on. But there are always so many obstacles, they are so expensive for starters, getting time away from my family duties and commitments, almost impossible, some shame for not being able to sort out my own shit, mother guilt for leaving my children, and the obstacles, and the excuses were endless. Us mums, we take care of everyone else, so why not ourselves, why do we put our health last? At home because I do mostly to all of the meals, breaky, lunches and dinners, snacks, smoothies, desserts for my husband and three teenage sons, one being a full vego, (I am too actually, excect I eat fish, so I’m not a real vego.) I find it extremely hard to then prepare and eat what I want or prefer. Then add in all the house chores, running a business, running kids around. I’m sure you get it.


I have decided, it’s my turn, just for 21 days, just me, my health, my needs. I have booked a space away from my family for 21 days. To reset and focus on my health, break my wine o’clock habit, and show, my body, my mind some love and nurturing. By nature I truly love good, healthy food, I love the way my mind feels, my body feels when its at its best. I can’t tell you how excited I feel. Yes I do feel a little guilty, but hey, we can’t pour from an empty cup. My beautiful boys are all very supportive which makes it even more exciting.

Tomorrow I leave, and set up my space for the next 21 days and I am going to record everything I do to share, to keep me accountable and hopefully it will be helpful to someone else.

Stany tuned…

Love Megs xx