What to do….The Hangover!

We’ve all been there, somehow Friday night got a little crazy. Or the company and conversations of good friends was just so much fun, and before we know it, we’ve had too many, way too much to drink, and as our head hits the pillow, we know tomorrow will be….the hangover!

Morning you wakes up cursing night time fun you, that said, oh just one more! Either way here we are with a sore head, bit nauseous, cranky, hungry and hella dehydrated.

Firstly, I would like to say I’m not here to say, I think over drinking especially on a regualr basis is a good idea, it’s not, not for any part of your health and wellbeing. However, we are all human and let’s be honest the hangover happens!

So how can you bounce back, replenish, undo a little of the damage, and feel better. Well firstly a few tips for whilst you are drinking, before your head hits the pillow, and of course the next day…

Planning, with just about everything in life, if you have some sort of plan, things are more likely to go your way. So if you know you have a night out with the girls coming up, plan! TIPS: Don’t drink in the days leading up, smash in your green juices and veggie dinners, drink 1-2 litres of water every single day, I cannot say enough, how much your body needs and loves this. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Have ingredients for a big healthy breaky ready for the next day.

On the night. TIPS: Ensure you eat before you start drinking, good, nutrient dense filling food. Order a mineral water or water every time you order your glass of wine, gin or whatever your beverage of choice is, don’t go and order another until you’ve drunk the water as well, repeat! Take a multivitamin, drinking depletes vitamin B12 and folate.

Get some fresh air, if you’re inside, regualrly get up and get some fresh air. Don’t go to bed too late, get enough sleep, this is when your body is trying to repair and rest. Drink a big glass of water before you sleep, and put a glass beside your bed.

The next day….TIPS: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!!! Eat a hearty breakfast, lots of nutrtious food, with protein, vitamins and minerals. Grab your morning coffee this is also going to help make you feel better!

Consider supplementing, some that may help are; ginseng, ginger is great for anti nausea and will help calm an angry gut, a quality mulitvitamin, as mentioned drinking alcohol depletes the B vitamins so they are important to replace. Grab a glass of pear juice, it contains essential enzymes involved in alcohol metabolism, it also has an anti inflammatory effect on the whole body. Have something fizzy, not soft drink! Mineral water with or without fruits or berries might help settle a quezy tummy. Get in some potassium when you are dehydrated, as we not only lose water we lose electrolytes. Get it back by snacking on potatssium rich foods like bananas.

You might be tempted to sloth on the lounge all day, but get moving a little, and sweat to rid some toxins a little quicker. Nothing crazy just a walk or swim maybe (if you are lucky enough to be able to dive into the ocean – DO IT! Best hangover cure ever!) Just ensure you stayed hydrated, maybe drink some coconut water as it contains electrolytes. A cool shower after will also feel amazing. And of course take a nana nap! Let your body, rest and repair and heal.

Most of all take care of beautiful you! You are precious and you deserve to feel healthy, well and happy!

Lots of love Megs x