Benefits Of Having A Morning Routine

We think the best way to start your day is with a morning routine. One that suits you, and starts with you!

It sets your day up for success and just makes you feel good! It helps you feel in control, it helps lower stress, can boost your energy and help develop healthy habits.

Having a morning routine helps you manage your time, you won’t have to take as much time figuring out what you should be doing and when. You will get more done and you will be more organised! Sounds like a winner to me!

Choose your wake up time and set a plan of action as to what you will do and when.

Here’s an example:

5.30am Wake up and have a big glass of warm lemon water, take 5 minutes just to be, take in some big deep breaths, and think of at least 3 things you are grateful for today.

5.45am Spend 5-10 minutes on your journal, and planning your daily, scheduling in your time, priortising things in order of importance.

6.00am 5-10 minute stretch and out the door and off for a walk

6.45am Home to prep a healthy breaky and lunch if your off to work or have a busy day.

Simple, sustainable and such a wonderful way to start your day! ❤ There is a page below to get your morning routine written down, copied and popped on the fridge.

Have fun creating a morning routine perfect for you! ❤