Are Nutritional Supplements Necessary?

I get asked this question a lot. It’s a big topic, and the answer is; it depends, but more than likely yes, given we live, eat and breathe in modern western society. 

From the fact that our soils are depleted of nutrients, when seeds are sown, such as iodine, a mineral that is especially crucial for women’s  health, and if the soil is depleted, the grown food can lack nutrients and be depleted too. Then there are the toxic chemicals and pesticides, sprayed into the soil and the growing food. 

These chemicals and pesticides are not recognised by the body, and are harmful to our well being.

The changes in how food is grown and harvested…..quicker, faster, cheaper…..I’m going to say this ins’t good or beneficial to our health…

Then there is the animals we eat, have they been allowed to eat and live as that animal should? For example, does the animal eat like it should? Grazing pastures, eating the food it should eat? Or is it factory raised and forced to eat cheap food not meant for it, stressed and miserable?

For example a chicken that has lived as a chicken should, eating grass, worms, plants…her eggs will naturally be healthy and nutritious…a chicken that has lived in a cage, sad, stressed, undernourished, eating cheap grains not meant for a chicken… her eggs are as sick and unnourished as her…. 

Sick, sad, stressed chicken – sick sad eggs…and that goes for all animals  – cows and their milk etc

Then there are medications we may need to take like antibiotics, that also take it toll on our bodies. These are necessary at times however they too have an impact on our nutrition, digestion and general wellbeing.

So what can we do – we can say no, and avoid buying caged/ farmed meats and their products, milk/ eggs. We can buy from local farmers markets, sustainable farmers with locally grown foods. 

Buy our fresh produce from farmers markets, or spray free. If this is not possible. Always wash and rinse with baking soda and or apple cider vinegar to get some of the residue off.

And grow your grow own, seed save from the produce you buy and grow your own and save money while your at it.

Repair gut health with fermented foods such kimchi, yoghurt, sauerkraut.

So, back to the original question of whether nutritional supplements are necessary, the answer is something you can answer for yourself based on your diet, and how you feel. Listen to your body, the signs, symptoms and messages it gives you. Trust your intuition and gut and act accordingly.

If you need help or advice I am more than happy to help!

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Stay well and ever grateful.

Megs x