Gut Health – Problem to Solution

Let’s start with Gut Health!

How do you know if you have a Problem with your gut health?

Do you suffer from regular bloating?

Regular upset tummy?

Are you intolerant to some foods?

Do you have skin irritations?

Do you get regular cravings, especially sugar?

Are you often sick?Do you have stubborn belly fat?

Low energy and or mood, anxiety?

Are you regularly constipated or have diarrhea?

How many did you have?

What can Help?

Probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes could help greatly. Probiotics are a mix of live bacteria that live in your body, they are found naturally in your gut. They are good bacteria that keep you healthy.

What could Damage the good bacteria in your gut?

Stress, antibiotic use, alcohol, sugar, smoking, lack of sleep, processed foods, lack of exercise.

What can you Do?

You can look at the above and make any adjustments that you feel you could, eat a diet and foods that benefit good gut health, drink more water and take a quality probiotic.

What food sources have Probiotics?




Fermented foods


Some cheese such as cottage cheese

Benefits of taking a Probiotic

Help balance friendly bacteria in your digestive systemBoost immune systemHelp reduce bloating & belly fatImprove and maintain some digestive disordersImprove mood and reduce stressHelp with nutrient absorption.

If you need any further help or have any questions, I am here to help!

Feel free to drop me your questions.

Love Megs x