Built Up Toxins – Problem to Solution

Day 2 –  Health & Wellness – Problem to Solution.

Today’s Topic – Built Up Toxins

How do you know if you have a Problem with built up toxins in your body?

Do you suffer regularly from brain fog?

Regular fatigue?

Do you regularly have bad breath?

Do you have feelings of nausea often?

Have you gained weight, or struggle with weight?

Are you bloated and is it a little painful?

Are you moody or anxious?

Do you have any swelling?

Are you regularly constipated or have diarrhea?

How many did you have?

What can Help?

Drink water! Water helps flush the toxins from your body- top tip add lemon & ginger to your water Top tip, add parsley and or coriander to your food, these herbs are brilliant in helping to remove toxinsAdequate sleep 7-8 hours every nightAvoid or limit alcohol, processed food, and sugarEat a nutrient rich diet

What could Damage is built up toxins doing to my body?

It can cause headaches, insomnia, poisons enzymes, accelerate aging, allergic reactions, stomach ache, in severe cases effects immune system, reproductive system and nervous system, causes inflammation, swelling and can cause illness and disease such as cancers

What else can you Do?

Detox! your beautiful body!

Benefits of doing a Detox

Lose unhealthy weight

Increased energy

Reduced inflammation, bloating and swelling

Boosted immunityImprove mood and reduce stress

Clears the skin

Improve concentration and clarity

Improves digestion

Here is the link to purchase:

If you need an help or have any questions, please let me know, I am here to help!

Megs x

The Naughty Nutritionist

Note: Please seek professional advice from your trusted Health Professional before starting any Health Plan or Supplement