Love Living Life

I am so very blessed to be living my life exactly how I wish, everyday!

That statement at one time, actually several times in my life would have seemed absolutely impossible. I felt like I would never, could never get off the, ‘I have to’,  and, ‘it’s so bloody hard everyday’ cycle. I, like many have seen rock bottom more times than I care to remember, however  I regret not a one! Crazy? No, not at all, as it’s made me who I am today. I am a humble, feet firmly on the ground kinda girl, and I hope that I’m known to be kind and giving. It also gave me the courage to look at a brand new way to do life, and that I am so grateful for, as it has allowed me to write the opening sentence!

Because I made a choice and said yes, I have my own business, a network marketing business, in luxury high end beauty, health & wellness products and programs! Arbonne. I love it, I work hard, I am consistent, I work my own hours, I plan my own life, and I am going straight to the top, with all of the other lovelies of course!

My latest mantra that I repeat to myself daily, and when making decisions is, ‘one life’, we have just one go at this, I’m 45, half way if I’m extremely lucky.  I can say yes or no to whatever the hell I want, and it’s true, I can, and I do! The things I want to say yes to are positive, happy and helpful experiences and things. If it helps and benefits me, my family, my friends or anyone, to improve their life, I’m all in. One life!

I love what I get to do everyday, and I love that it is setting my family up for freedom, financially and freeing time, the most valued and desired commodity of all, for my husband to not have to work in the near future, that I enjoy Monday morning as much as Friday afternoon! And that I get to help others do the same for themselves and their families! I really love that I am a part of a giving, kind, supportive, beautiful culture, that is nothing but positive and truly inspirational. I’m living it, and witnessing it every single day in others!

It’s  interesting then that I once perceived this incredible industry with such scepticism and doubt. Stemmed from ignorance I’m sure. It is an amazing, giving, time efficient, financially freeing, sharing the love and helping others model! How wrong I was.

I bet you are maybe reading this now with doubt or scepticism? Or thinking ‘yes but I’m not pushy, I’m not a salesperson?’ Or maybe you are worried about what others might think of you?

Yep, I thought that too, guess what?  I’m not even slightly pushy, never have been, never will be, and guess what else gorgeous, we are all selling something, whether it’s a product, a promise, our opinion, our bribe for our kids to eat their greens, our precious time to work a job. Trust me, we all sell! And what others think of me? Well that is none of my business, an excellent life lesson that we should all learn, and preferably as young as possible! Incredibly freeing! Just be you! Trust me!

For me it is family first. Every. Single. Time! If something is working so well and going to help my family on such massive levels, then others would think, wow, good for her, what a woman! Right?  (And if they don’t, none of my business!)

So, the deciding component for me was when I questioned myself; why would I not want to be in a position to create the life me, my husband and my children want and deserve? What have I got to loose? Why would I not just go for it? Well, you’ll be pleased to know, I answered the question, I did very much want to be in that position, and I am, and the only thing I lost was the old school rules they tell us we have to live by.

I don’t ever have to work a job, long hours, away from my family, for years and years to earn the same money every single week, very single year, be told when I can have holidays, or that I can’t be with my sick child!

Thankfully I figured it out, I’m sorry but we have it all wrong, we can choose, their are choices! There is a better way. I am not here to convince anyone of anything, I am simply sharing my truth. I understand that this may not be for everyone, nor suit everyone and that is totally cool and completely your choice!

But know this, it is, and has been for years, a better way for so so many men & women from all walks of life, and backgrounds. I know this because I’ve met many of them, they  are now hugely wealthy, healthy, happy and successful, and these gracious everyday people take others by the hand and show them they too, can, have, do, achieve, be, earn, give, live however they choose!

Lots of love Megs xxx