What I Get To Do

Hello! I have just arrived home from an incredible road trip around our diverse and stunning country. I’m so excited to be home and back into my life, community and business. So I thought I give you the low down on what I do.

What I get to do

For those that don’t know me well, my background is in nutrition. I become passionate about nutrition many years ago through my middle son being quite unwell with a health condition. So I studied to become a nutritionist. What I discovered was that diet and supplements contributed 100% to my sons condition and health and wellness.

I also owned a health & wellness store and nothing made it onto the shelves unless it was, beneficial, safe and made from botanical natural ingredients, chemical free and non toxic.

It was around this time I was introduced to the Arbonne brand through a beautiful family member and good friend Cass. Arbonne’s very philosophy was products made only with botanical, pure, safe and beneficial ingredients, in their makeup, skin care and nutritional ranges. It was a great fit!

My daughter was, and still is a lover of makeup and has a real talent in makeup artistry.  We were looking for a makeup brand to have in our store so trialled and tested a few natural brands one of them being Arbonne. We found Arbonne makeup to not only be to as they claimed, clean, pure and safe, which was most important to me.  It applied beautifully and wore beautifully, which was most important to my daughter. So it was a big win all round.

After some time running a store, nutrition clients, a household, four kids and a husband that worked away a lot, became really hard, both time wise and financially. It cost a lot to keep the store open, not just financially but it cost me missing sports day, picking up my kids when they were sick, musicals and so on, it was too high I price to pay all round, even though I loved what I did and my store.

I am now in the very blessed position of owning my own health, wellness and beauty business that I have all the tools and benefits of a traditional business provided for me. My website, marketing, the exceptional botanical makeup, skin care and nutritional products, delivery direct to my customers, all business systems and set up and training. Plus the steps to ensure my success!

Without ALL the expense! This has been the answer, the perfect fit for my busy family. Everything I need to run my business is done for me, so I can just work my business. I get to work from home, with people I choose to work with, with hours I choose to work, my beautiful customers, and I don’t even have to pick and pack my sales! It’s done for me and sent directly to my customers!

To say I love what I get to do each day, is such an understatement, I feel so very grateful. If you need a business as simple and amazing as this, let me know I’m more than happy to share the love!

Wishing you health, love and happiness. Have a fabulous week!

Love Megs xxx