Why Arbonne?

Why Arbonne? Well for me it was quite simple really. I first discovered Arbonne when I had my Health & Wellness Store in Kingscliff, which I absolutely loved, however with four kids and a husband that worked away most of the month at the time, it simply wasn’t practical to have a traditional shop front, open 9-5 business. If my kids were sick they had to come to the shop with me, if I got called to pick them up from school, I had the shut the shop and bring them back there. I missed sports days, presentations and doing tuckshop, which they loved me doing. Then go home and start the family dinner, sports, washing all after 5pm. It was just too hard to have a brick and mortar shop. It was too much on me and my family and really it was too much financially, set up, ongoing costs, stock, staff, rent and so on.

The Arbonne products I had in the shop on closing, I realised were also my best sellers. This fact didn’t surprise me, Arbonne has a reputation for producing high end quality products without the high end price tag. All products are vegan, plant based and pure, safe and beneficial. This was actually my philosophy when I had my shop, every single product had to be pure, safe and beneficial. What the surprise was, was that I could continue this business at home with an online store! Brilliant, I could work from home around my family, not the other way around! I didn’t have rent, to hold stock, pack orders or to do deliveries, be there 9-5 or have to pay the big running costs. It was seriously brilliant, when I worked out I basically could do everything I was doing for a fraction of the cost on my terms, I was sold!

Which is why I have never really understood others aversion to doing business online, I think it is genius!

Here are a few of my top reasons why Arbonne, that might resonate with you too;

Flexible hours, I am my own boss, I work as little or as much as I want, day or night, scheduled around MY life and family. And this can change from week to week and month to month depending what is happening in our lives.

I can work from anywhere so long as I have my smart phone or laptop and wifi, I love working from my favourite cafes in Kingscliff, the beach and in my beuatiful home office, sometimes in the car whilst my husband drives, it doesn’t matter where, I can work when I want to.

The quality products I’m selling are world class and are unmatched in safety, beauty and with benefits! With 400+ products in my store there truly is something for everyone, whether it’s skincare, makeup, nutrition, bath and body personal products, essential oils, hair care, you name it!

There are no expensive set up or overhead costs, I never spend above or beyond what I want or can, it is all within my budget. When my clients buy directly online from my store the Arbonne warehouse delievers to them, no stock holding, no packing, no postage or delivery costs for me.

There is NO risk, there is a 45 day money back guarrantee on Arbonne products for me and my customers!

Generous pay! What I make from my business is based solely on how hard I work. Over time, I can make anywhere from $100 -$22,000 per month, if I work hard stay consistent and determined the sky is the limit.

Monitoring my business, I have access to my own website and office where I can monitor sales, and track my success and that of my team and everything inbetween.

Continuous training, I have access to facebook groups, weekly webinars, meet ups, team groupchats and more. There is 24/7 support from my team and always an opportunity to learn!

The rewards – commissions, cash bonuses, travel opportunities, mercedes benz, discounts on products and more…

Here’s the thing, there are only four positions from the bottom to the top of Arbonne, anyone can make it to the top, if they work hard and with consistency and determination. There is no pressure to be in any given position, I get to set my own goals and work on my timeline.

It’s just a smart, very smart way to do business, if you feel like any of this resonated with you, we should have a chat and find out if this is for you. I love to work with like minded people and would love to help you any way I can.

Thanks for reading my blog, I look forward to a chat with you soon.

Megs x