Party’s Over, Time To Clear The Decks!

Happy New Year! I think we are all looking forward to a calm, happy, healthy freedom filled 2002! It most certainly is my wish for you.

As I do every year, this last Decembet I did over indulge in all the Christmas, holiday and new year festivities, food and drinkies. And loved every minute of it I might add. However it has left me feeling a wee bit bloated, tired and with a lacklustre energy level, and not to mention my favourite shorts being a tad on the tight side.

Of course the cupboards and fridge are now filled with loads of fresh produce and healthy foods, and I am loving how good, whole, nourishing food makes me feel. However sometimes a little kick start, to clear the decks first is needed, so the body and her systems can function optimally and do their job. For me it the perfect time to do a short detox and cleanse.

Here are a few reasons why;

It helps to reduce bloating, and weight loss

Helps to clear your mind, eyes, skin.

It helps improve concentration and focus

Helps increase energy i

Helps to improves sleep

Aids gut health and disgestion and reduce inflammation.

And it’s just a little love note for yor entire body really.

Here are a few of my tips to help detox and cleanse your beautiful body:

Fill 2 x 1 litre water bottles and sip your way through them each day, add things like lemon, lime, ginger, mint, cucumber that aid the detox process. Yes you pee, a lot, but that’s a good thing its clearing toxins and waste, out of your body, we love that!

Eat foods high in prebiotics sych as tomatoes, bananas, garlic, onion

Limit alcohol, processed foods, sugars, salt

Fcous on sleep, this is when your body repairs and recovers

Eat antioxidant rich foods such as berries, fruits, nuts, veggies, green tea

Move your body gently each day, walks, yoga, swimming

These are just a few way to get the best results from your detox, along with a fabulous detox program.

I have a brilliant 7 Day Detox available in my website shop, that has got my clients wonderful results, to learn more:

Wishing you a happy, healthy and wonderful 2022!

Until the next blog post!

Megs x